We’re all fishermen. We go out to the rivers and streams we love being surrounded by the forest. We were taught by our parents. We just like the outdoor environment but what’s important to us is being able to pass that legacy down to multiple generations. 


Our concept is actually based off of the Aquifer Pipe. It was designed in this format but we thought hey we can use this same extruded pipe in a different format or a different position like this. Then it’s packed into two feet of gravel. This allows the water to flow through the gavel up underneath this pipe and enters the water channel by gravity flow. It’s exited out to a central channel.  We try to cut out as much of the mechanical aspects as possible that way it’s trouble free. 


We’re targeting all species from the eggs on up, including all life stages. 

Our background

It’s in the agricultural area. We focus on how to cut water consumption in growing crops with managing subsurface water delivery.  That gives us the edge to really think about how we can manage water subsurfacely in a river bottom and to be able to withdraw it. In most cases we’re trying to push water into it but we still have that skill set of being able to withdraw. We come from a group of individuals that have been together for about three years; we have physics professors and civil engineers. 


We’re basically mimicking nature as many ways as possible to come up with creative solutions for the long term. 

Our Vision

We envision these rivers and streams full of fish with salmon coming up the river. The whole ecosystem is really thriving and right next to that you see hydroelectric dams or agricultural production. That whole interweb working together in a holistic environment, that would be really fantastic knowing that we help accomplish that.

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