2023 Farm Tour Dates

You are cordially invited visit our orchards grown with just 0.83 acre feet of water (10 acre inches). Observe the nut density, leaf size, and change in field operations, and ask questions. We suggest viewing the orchard sites before harvest and after harvest. 

Other benefits of this type of irrigation system: 
 – reduced water = reduced energy
 – no rodent / coyote damage to irrigation systems / less labor
 – reduced herbicide spraying / less labor
 – late bloom by two weeks
 – early harvest by two weeks

 – 99.5% tree shake on independents (no need for winter shake / less labor)

 – recharge groundwater with the same pipe during winter/spring run off

1st Farm Tour Site: Turlock/Hughson area

2912 Berkeley Road, Hughson, California
Meet at 7am in the back by the irrigation pump

Details: Installed December 2020, 8th leaf independents, viking stock

1st year yield: 2,200 pounds
2nd year yield: 2,400 pounds
3rd year yield: estimated 2,400+ pounds (available in November)

Farm Tour Dates (Mondays at 7am):
July 24,   

August 7,

August 21, 

September 4,

September 18,

October 2,

October 16

2nd Farm Tour Site: Pixley/Porterville area
11627 Rd 168, Porterville, California
Meet 7am, backside of the orchard

Details: Installed July 2021, 5th leaf independents, unknown rootstock
1st year yield: 2,000 pounds
2nd year yield: estimated 2,000+ pounds (available in November)

Farm Tour Dates (Fridays at 7am):
July 28, 

August 11,

August 25, 

September 8,

September 22, 

October 6,

October 20

If you are considering retiring land due to SGMA related water reductions, now is the time to explore an alternative. 

We look forward to meeting you at our 2023 Farm Tour. Reply back if you have any questions, and we will get back with you promptly.